The American Sign Museum (2 of 4)

Picking up where I left off yesterday at The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, these next pictures are the next batch as you walk through this amazing museum:


This is a cheap way they used to do signs. Instead of using several light bulbs to light up each letter, they would use this ‘punch cut’ technique. That way, they could get away with lighting up the signs with much fewer light bulbs but still look like many light bulbs were used to light up each letter:

Look at that lowercase g! Love. Tod has a really neat story about the man who made the 2 signs above and the Peter & Paul Florists sign below. All 3 signs were made by the same man but found in different cities. He hung them near each other for that reason.

The golfer in the picture below was originally intended to rotate 360 degrees. The other half of the golf ball is missing so Tod decided to keep it stationary against the wall.

The Shell sign is one of the first ever used in this style.

One of the most dramatic signs in his collection is this Satellite Shopland sign. It rotates 360 degrees (watch your head when walking by!). It’s amazing.

The signs under the giant bear blew me away. They were never used and are still in their original packing crate. I was standing there in awe looking at them and almost got whacked in the head by a spoke from the rotating Satellite Shopland sign! Look out!

Packing detail from the crate on the far right:

Close up detail of the M at the top of the sign:

More to come tomorrow! If you are in Cincinnati, please make it a point to stop by and see this amazing museum.

American Sign Museum
1330 Monmouth Street
Cincinnati OH 45225


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