The American Sign Museum (1 of 4)

I’m still high from my recent trips to Pittsburgh and Richmond but with Memorial Day approaching, we wanted to take advantage of the long weekend. My husband has been wanting to go to Cincinnati since we moved to Ohio. Being an architect, he wanted to see the buildings on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. So the trip was planned and I started doing my research of the city. After a few searches, I came across a website for The American Sign Museum. It is closed right now in preparation for their re-opening so I quickly shot out an email to the owner, Tod Swormstedt, asking if I could just take a peek. He was nice enough to agree to have me come in Sunday at 10am. I really didn’t know what to expect. Here are some pictures from the outside while I waited for him to open the doors:

At 10am he was there and opened the doors for me. After walking through the lobby, I turned a corner and about had a heart attack. An entire wall about the History of 3D letterforms. With one flick of a switch, Tod turned all of the lights on. It was pretty powerful. I got a tour and was so amazed that it wasn’t just random signs leaning against walls and thrown around. Each sign was placed with such care and reason, I couldn’t help but be blown away. So from right to left is the oldest form of 3D letters to the newest. I tried to piece together the entire wall as best I could. I was in a state of shock taking these so I didn’t do that great of a job, but you get the idea:

I zoomed in on some of my favorite parts:

This is an example that salesmen would carry around (see the handle at the top):

Another shot of the whole wall:

After passing by the wall of letters, these are the next signs. All the signs are hung in order of the time period they were made in. So amazing to see. Tod has so much knowledge about the signs and their history. It was so interesting to hear.

More to come tomorrow! If you are in Cincinnati, please make it a point to stop by and see this amazing museum.

American Sign Museum
1330 Monmouth Street
Cincinnati OH 45225

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