letters down the drain

I am becoming more and more fascinated with manhole covers lately. The typography on them is usually very interesting and almost always has information on it that is indicative to the city it’s in. Case in point: Greenville, SC. Greenville does a great job using that g to brand the city but I had never seen a city take it this far. The manhole cover?! Awesome! Also interesting to note, Dump no waste! Drains to Reedy. That’s referring to the Reedy River. Because of the information on this drain, you’d never see this anywhere else except for Greenville, SC. I love that.

I passed by the clean out drain in Richmond and just loved it. I’m not sure if this design is specific to Richmond but I have never seen one like this before. The stars, the giant S (which I’m assuming stands for sewer) and the wobbly 3D letters. Do you notice the drains in your city? They’re beautiful.


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