ghost sign awesomeness

Yowza. Check out these beauties. I felt like I should bow down when I saw them, they are that awesome. Check out this article for a neat history on the Dad’s ghost sign. Here’s a couple of close ups:

I was unable to find out the history behind the picture taken in Richmond. Bummer! My friend was driving me around the city and this was taken out the driver side window (which means I was basically laying across her lap. Sorry Peyton!), but I got it and it’s awesome. We got a weird look from that woman sitting on the bench so we shouted out the window “Sorry! We were taking a picture of the sign, not you!” I don’t think she got it but it was funny. Here’s a close up of the sweet letters:

See any ghost signs in your city? Take a picture and tweet them to me at @nikki_vz and I’ll post them here!


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