apartment building contrast

So as I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I was in Richmond, VA Thursday and Friday last week. What an amazing city. I had so much fun Friday walking around taking pictures all day that my legs are still sore! Actually, that’s pretty pathetic but whatever. It was worth it. This building was near my hotel and I was so happy to find it. After doing some research, I found out that this is where the Old Curles’ Neck Dairy once stood. The dairy was destroyed except for the bottles and in the mid-1980s the building provided studio space for artists. The three milk bottle shaped building sections are fitted with windows and now form part of the Richmond Dairy Apartments. Apartments! Can you imagine living in this?! So so awesome. The type alone. I’d be sold.

I just love it. While I was standing there in awe looking at this, I was reminded of the apartment building I had taken a picture of near the Financial District in New York City. Designed by Los Angeles architect Frank Gehry, this is the tallest luxury residential tower in the city’s history. Here’s a link to an article written about it in the NY Times. What an amazing building. The contrast between the two buildings and the story behind both is so striking. I just thought it was really interesting.



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