3D letters

If you are near the Richmond, VA area tomorrow night, come out to Studio Two Three and say hi! I’ll be talking about how Culture affects Typography.

Check out these letters! Wow. These are definitely 3D, no doubt about it. Nock makes me laugh. That N reminds of guys puffing up their chest to show off their muscles (sorry to the guys reading this). Just be normal. We see you. The poor letters that follow N are totally rolling their eyes. Wouldn’t you? The kerning is horrendous but you can’t (k)nock the character this sign has.

I love the letters in the George Aiken’s sign. -Delicious Prepared Foods- How about delicious prepared letters? Seriously. The kerning is pretty close to perfect and there’s no puffing of any chests going on here. Of course I had to get up close and personal with that apostrophe. So so awesome.

…and this sign hangs perpendicular after the S in Aiken’s:


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