I read an amazing article late last night titled Type beneath your feet written by John Moore Williams. While I was reading it, I caught myself breathing a sigh of relief. Especially when I read this line describing a picture he took of a grave site marker embedded in the ground:

This is actually the oldest of my ground-level type photos, taken before I even realized my nascent obsession.

I read that and I had flashbacks of my life from when I didn’t know what typography was. I have always been drawn to letterforms and design elements, I just now have a name to put to my obsession, which makes explaining to people when you get the weird looks a (little) bit easier It’s also nice to know I’m not the only one out there that basks in the same “disease” as me.

I saw a picture Raymond Manookian posted on #FontSunday and immediately thought of my picture from NYC. Thanks Raymond for sharing your picture! Raymond’s picture was taken outside of Harrods in Knightsbridge. I love the thickness of the letters. They are so 3D looking, I wonder if anyone has tripped on them? Huh, that’d be ironic. That poor K is slapped together but she’s hangin’ in there. Such a contrast to the letters in NYC. Why are the O‘s stretched like that? I was standing there, in the middle of Soho trying to figure out those damn O‘s and could feel the weird looks I was getting.

John says at the end of his article:

I very much look forward to continuing in my fascination. No matter how many odd looks I get as I kneel down on city concrete or in the midst of an intersection to snap a pic.

When you find something you are truly passionate about, to hell with weird looks. Thanks for the great article, John. I thought it was a great lead in to today’s post.


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