street signs for your feet!

Here are 2 street signs that I thought made a striking pairing. When I say street, I mean STREET because they are literally ON the street. The picture taken in New Orleans was taken by my mom (hi mom!) while she was visiting the city. I guess all these years of talking endlessly about typography has rubbed off on her. I love that she even noticed these letters. Of course what *used to be* my dog somehow made the picture, too. His name is Renzo Piano (hi renny!), not to be confused with the famous architect. What. Like you don’t have a dog named after a famous architect?! Even Renzo seems to know what’s up with these letters. They are beautiful. They must have some story to tell. The cracks, the crookedness. So beautiful.

Moving over to Pittsburgh, there is no way a crack is getting through these guys. You can even see the concrete tiles under the letters are starting to move a bit and the letters aren’t wavering. Minus the crappy kerning, this is one awesome street sign.


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