Hand Painted Awesomeness

There’s a lot of goodness going on in these two pictures. Thanks to my new pal Jordan Romanoff for allowing me access to his super cool blog. I saw this picture he captured from Burlington, VT and just love it. I would love to ask the artist what happened in his life between the moments of painting the D in AND and the C in CLAMS. Only something catastrophic could leave a space like that. Holy cow. If they don’t have knives to break open the live lobsters and clams inside, just come on out and use that V. I think that’s the sharpest V I have ever seen! Just so there is no confusion, the arrow points –> that way. They needed the whoooole board to get that message across.

The picture from Pittsburgh was taken as a drive by, camera out the window (obviously), but I got it. I’m not even sure where to start with this cluster of lettering. Wow, that’s a lot of hand painted letters! All different sizes! And weights! Shouldn’t can save your deductible go UNDER Allegheny Auto Body? Just wondering.


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