Letters on the chopping block

How awesome is BEEF?! Thanks to Sean Pritchard for letting me use this picture. For those of you familar with the London area, this is located on Roman Road in Bethnal Green, E2.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 18 years and I think this is the most awesome meat sign I have ever seen. If I were to buy meat, this is where I’d go. I imagine you get really chunky, big juicy cuts here, right? I mean, you’d have to with blood red lettering like that! My favorite part are the x‘s on the lower left of each letter. Love it! Such great detail. Here’s a close up of the lettering at the top:

That R is out of control. It looks like he just whacked a big slab of meat with that leg of his. He whacked it so hard it knocked the dot of the i in Brian clear off the sign! Easy there, buddy.

I was in Wooster, OH several weekends ago and happened to pass by this butcher shop. Ouch, it just hurts to look at it. It literally makes me cringe seeing a letter get chopped like that. Here’s a close up:

In contrast to BEEF where I could see customers walking out of the store with raw meat slung over their shoulder, I’d imagine at this butcher shop, the meat would be long, lean slices. Very precisely cut and weighed to the oz. No messing around. No blood. Wrapped perfectly and you’re on your way.

The amazing power of letterforms and the message they communicate.


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