I think my first reaction when I saw this picture taken by Tania Fitzpatrick was “ohmyfreakingod”. If that isn’t a normal reaction, sorry. Thanks Tania for letting me use this beauty*. Not even rust can take away from the amazing hand rendered detail…actually I think it adds to it! I love the triangle balancing the o as if it’s the star of a circus act. Amazing detail. After I got over the initial shock of how awesome this picture is, I thought of the fire station in Akron. I just love how that o is balanced so perfectly within the N. It’s almost a logo by itself. The perfect space between the NO and the 3 along with how it sits within the architectural elements–someone gave a damn about what was going on here. I notice and I’m appreciative.


*I found out after this was posted that the picture on the left is actually an old fire truck door. #holyperfection


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