black drop shadows

These pictures just make me happy. Put them together and I’m pretty much in heaven. Thanks David for sending the pics in from Columbia! These pictures are the front of this building. That black drop shadow is so dramatic. Take it away and this lettering wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

While in Pittsburgh last weekend, we drove by this building. Same black drop shadow but not nearly as dramatic as Cola’s. What Roma lacks in drama, is made up for in <dare I say it> cuteness! What the heck with those t‘s?! Can I get a collective ‘awwwwwww’? Poor little guys. They are suffering from short-man syndrome and don’t want anything to do with each other. It’s like they should be joined by their crossbar to help each other out….but nope, they are too proud and too cocky to do such a thing. Every man for himself with these letterforms.

Side note: as much as I love Pittsburgh and am convinced that it’s the ghost sign capital of the world, they really need to cool it with the telephone poles. Seriously.


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