ghost signs

Here are some awesome ghost signs for your Tuesday. It’s interesting to me (maybe because I’m from SC?) that the ghost sign from Charleston looks ‘deep south’ to me. It just has that look. Maybe the two little embellishments on wither side of the E? I went on the Southern Furniture website and was happy to see they are still in business (since 1884!). Their website and logo are nothing to look at compared to this ghost sign. I love how it’s crammed between the windows.

From the deep south to the very (awesome) industrial Ohio. I thought this made for a neat comparison. I tried to track down the Heating and Plumbing Company but no luck. They did a great job with and. I love this lettering. I find it interesting that the sign is all the way to the top of the building when there is more wall there they could have used. Maybe there was a building there that has since come down? What ever the reason, I love the placement.

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