vertical sign jackpot

It’s Monday! What better way to kick off the week with a couple of killer signs. I spotted this sign in Greenville and almost gave myself whiplash with the double take. Here’s a close-up so you can see why:

I love the style of this lettering. That D–what a stud. I’m thinking the R needs a poem written about her or something. She’s out of control–what a beauty. But, as anyone who knows me can imagine, that apostrophe is what got me. It’s backwards (awwwww) but it’s beautiful.

I found the Levinson’s sign on Saturday while walking through downtown Cuyahoga Falls. When I saw it, I immediately thought of Devereaux’s. I love how the apostrophe (it’s facing the right way! hooray!) get’s its own line! I got close to snap the picture. I then noticed the secondary sign underneath that barely reads UNIFORMS MENS WEAR. Check out that black arrow!

I love the layered text. Unintentional but so so beautiful.

Other side:

Close up of the secondary sign:

As I was standing in awe looking at this, I noticed a concrete bench nearby. I wanted to get a closer look of the sign so I hopped up on the bench and to my amazement, spotted this on the left hand side of the building:

I felt like I won the (mega-millions) lottery with this find!



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