black on white

If it weren’t for that tricked out apostrophe, I doubt I would have snapped this picture. It’s just too awesome. However, I do like the change in (stencil) font.

The picture from Tequis is one of my favorite. Like the picture taken in Cleveland, I love the change in font. But what I really love is that exclamation point (how can you not have a good day after looking at that?!). She’s a beauty. The rusted metal, the light blue graffiti and the little Unwantables sticker under the O in the second word…perfection! Yes, I put that sticker there. What.

Quick shout out to my good friend Marius Valdes. If you aren’t aware of The Unwantables, The Secret Species or his awesome paintings (I own 6 I think), check him out:


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