conservative signs

I thought this was an interesting pairing. Same exact style of sign, both with pretty simple typography, in 2 totally different cities (notice the palm trees and snow). In both signs, a simple type adjustment makes for an eye catching sign.

What I think is interesting about the sign in Charleston is the super tight leading and kerning. They obviously had plenty of room to space it out but, because they didn’t, it makes for an interesting sign. Fun fact: Founded in 1773, The Charleston Museum is America’s first museum!

The leading in the sign from Akron isn’t as tight but the kerning is (I love the Th ligature in The). What caught my eye with this sign is the overlapping A onto the U. Such a subtle but effective type treatment. Fun fact: The University of Akron was founded in 1870. In 1988, the University established the world’s first College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering – now the largest academic program of its kind in the world!


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