sensory overload!

Check out these beauties! I decided to stack these pictures because they really need to be looked at one at a time to appreciate their awesomeness. The picture taken in Cleveland…that wasn’t just a sunny day…those are the heavens shining down on this magnificent door! I think I could write a novel about the lettering alone. And what’s with the trap door? Where’s the knob? Who cares? It’s just so awesome. Why that fish is crying is beyond me. Does he not see what’s going on around him?!

I just love the colors in this picture taken in NYC. Since my husband is Mexican, we have been fortunate enough to have traveled to Mexico several times. I felt like the lettering, illustrations and colors used on these 2 storage doors really captured the vibe of Mexico. I feel like any minute now, those doors are going to bust open and a mariachi band is going to come out to serenade us! Just beautiful.




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