I wrote a post a few months ago about this type of lettering on top of buildings and how hard they are to come by these days. Of course, NYC never disappoints and I was able to snap a shot of this gem in Union Square. Since I don’t have a crazy tricked out camera, this was the best I could do. There’s a better shot of the sign on their website.

I remember taking this picture thinking how hard it’s going to be to find one in another state to compare it to. I have learned to never underestimate Cleveland. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite cities. Take a look at this beauty. Of course, like many of the buildings in Cleveland, it’s abandoned (so sad). Such an awesome building and those letters…beautiful!

In both of these pictures, just like the pictures in my previous post about double rail letter mounting signs, these letters look like a beautiful tiara sitting on top of regal buildings.


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