Is that you, Trajan?

So I’m hit or miss at identifying fonts. I’m usually pretty good but then examples like these kill whatever confidence I had. The picture on the left was taken from the quad on the LSU campus. If you had asked me at that moment what font this is, I’d say Trajan. Typing PRESCOTT HALL in Trajan on my computer, there are subtle differences that make me think ‘maybe not’. Mainly, the P but it could be the angle I took the picture from. My second thought was Garamond which was quickly followed by me thinking ‘yeah, there’s no way in hell that’s Garamond’. That was a dumb second thought. I know.

I have the same problem with the picture from NYC. My first thought was Trajan. Upon closer inspection, that is definitely not Trajan’s ampersand…but it sure looks like Garamond’s! Why would they do this?


UPDATE: I stand corrected. Goudy it is. Thanks, Kelly!

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