1 business; 3 signs

I’m becoming a fan of seeing a business with multiple signs, none of which are consistent. As a graphic designer, we’re taught very early on in our education that consistency is key. Seeing what appears to be an established business breaking this cardinal rule is shocking. It’s so bad it’s good. Sometimes.

I came across these signs in downtown Cleveland. What’s hilarious is that these are all mounted within feet of each other. Based on their website, it looks like the logo treatment in my 2nd picture is their official logo…which makes me wonder what the heck happened to their logo in the first picture? It’s so scrunched! There’s not even room for a space after the comma! I am digging the 2nd L. He’s getting a little lift up in life from his twin that comes right before him.

I love how they felt the need to put the company name under the OFFICE sign. As if the sign under it and the other sign a few feet away confused you.




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