type on a curve

The picture in Charleston was taken inside the slave market a few steps down from the picture in this post. I expressed my disappointment then and I’ll express it again. It’s so sad to see how the cosmetic changes completely took away the character and charm of what it once was. I was pissed off walking through the market so when I saw this lettering I got even more mad. The kerning is bad. The letters are thrown up there in an attempt to look ‘old’ and ‘distressed’ like it’s ‘orginal’. IT’S NOT. YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY. You can even see the pencil marks of the line the letters sit on. UGH! I just wanted to yell at the letters as I was walking under that dumb arch “GROW UP!”.

*and breathe*

My office is located in the little town of Hudson, Ohio (population: 23,264). { fun fact comparison: the population in Charleston, SC is 351,482 } I walked over to the Hudson Town Hall on my lunch break a few months ago and snapped this picture. It was built in 1879 on the site of the original building of the First Congregational Church. It was in the old wooden church that John Brown, in 1837, gave his first public speech denouncing slavery (exactly 30 years after the slave market was built in Charleston). I love this engraved type. It’s not trying to be something its not. It’s quaint, simple, beautifully etched letterforms reflect the vibe of the town.

There is a lot of communication within letterforms that have absolutely nothing to do with what the words are saying. This comparison is a perfect example of that.


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