This is kind of a funky comparison but I’m feeling it so here goes.

The Army & Navy Store has been in Greenville forever. According to their (scary) website, it was founded 50 years ago. Forever, right?! I remember walking by this store as a kid and being fascinated by the sign. I love the color scheme of this whole picture. I’m not sure what the double row of holes (and the random holes throughout) accomplishes but I think it adds a tremendous amount of character to an otherwise awesome sign. I just love the way the letters have takin’ a lickin’ from the weather. I think it’s hilarious that the ampersand hasn’t been arrested yet. There he is, fully armed in broad daylight, holding up the N. Look how straight N is standing. He doesn’t dare move. What a criminal that & is!

The picture taken in Mexico was from an amusement park. I love how the colors in the two pictures compliment each other. Check out that (scary) pirate! Wow. Someone had fun designing that. Not a huge fan of this type style but nothing a few light bulbs can’t fix!


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