I need to start this post with a big shout out to my old LSU graphic design classmate and friend, Kelly Luckett for sending in this pic from her trip to Cali. She sent me a few pics and this one is my favorite. It just says California to me. The chevron pattern within the letterforms, the wood background, the casual cool type treatment paired with the all caps san serif type of LOUNGE. I’m looking at this logo and it looks to me like the T and V are major celebrities and the rest of the letters are their entourage…because, you know, it’s Beverly Hills!

Back to my industrial neck of the woods, this picture was snapped a few blocks from Kent State University. I thought the 157 Lounge was such a great pairing. The sharp metal mounted on the grainy texture of concrete is such a stark contrast to the round, smooth wood of Trader Vic’s. I love how even the 157 Lounge website has the same industrial vibe that the sign gives off…such a stark contrast from the glitz and glamour of Trader Vic’s website.

Thanks Kelly!


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