holy descender!

Yowza! These descenders are not messing around!

The picture on the left was taken as a blizzard was passing through. Sorry for the crappy image but the & and L were just too awesome to ignore. That sign says to me ‘yeah, we serve food but the Lounge is where it’s at people!’ That L has had one too many drinks I think. Seems like he might be drunk dialing the n later on this evening. And what’s up with the g? Her poor descender got cut off like she’s had one too many! Awwww.

I’m still not sold on this sign from NYC. Something about it seems off to me as a whole. Looking at it each single letterform though, it is pretty sweet. My favorite part is the way the R is cradling the O in the first word. It’s a beautiful combination. The space between the last R in Reservoir and the T in Tavern, not so much. That R is hitting on the T and the T has his back turned and want’s nothing to do with her. Awkward!


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