solid gold

How beautiful are these pictures?!

The picture on the left was taken in Tequis. I was in such awe with the beauty of the lettterforms I thought, why not shove my kid in front of it? My thought was killer typography + my awesome little boy = instant classic. What I wasn’t banking on was his bored, tired and disinterested expression. Such disrespect! Is the type crumbling under the pressure of his glance? Sure looks like it. Good thing I saved naming my daughter after a font and not this little guy. I have a long way to go with him and his appreciation for typography. One day, when he’s a famous typographer (no pressure), this picture will be solid gold.

Speaking of solid gold, check out DIXIE. This picture was snapped in downtown Columbia, SC. The colors, the kerning, the wear and tear. I think I’m in love. Thanks, David for this beauty.

Happy Valentine’s Day type lovers!


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