It’s the little things, you know? Not much that really stands out with this building or sign…except for that killer ampersand. What a little dude. If it weren’t for that one character, I wouldn’t have taken a second look. Why is he half the size of the letterforms that surround him? I love how, despite his small stature, he’s standing proud and is perfectly centered over the entryway. In this case, size doesn’t matter. Actually, it’s his size that sets him apart.

The picture on the right was sent in by Erin Kinsella (thanks Erin!) along with a picture I had posted a few months ago. From the moment I saw this picture, what caught my eye the most was the ampersand. She’s such a lady, so elegant. It’s as if Sausage and Peppers are her two sons and they are graduating from college today. She couldn’t be more proud. It never ceases to amaze me how one character can carry such a story.

As an added bonus, check out HOT. Man, if it weren’t for those 3 lines on either side of the O, I don’t think I’d get that it’s really HOT!


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