letters fleeing the scene of the crime

Ahhh, the beauty of it all. Another post about one hotel, 3 different signs. Can you believe this?! Ok, I’m gonna just dive right in.

Top left picture is taken on the right side of the building, in the parking lot of the strip mall next door (hence the awesome fence). This script font in upper and lower case is meant to have tighter kerning so the letters connect which is made obvious by the u and r. Man, looking at that is like watching a movie of 2 people climbing up a mountain, one slips, the other reaches for the dude falling (cue the dramatic music)…and…just out of reach. ooops, he fell.

The picture underneath is taken on the other side of the building in their actual parking lot. Enter type treatment #2. They’ve now switched to a different font in all uppercase. The kerning actually isn’t that bad, except for the ginormous space between the 2 words.

Last but not least, the grand finale. Back to upper and lower case for the logo of this fine establishment and, hey! they serve liquor and food! But, my most favorite part of all, is the black letters. I look at them and can literally see the letters running for their lives to escape this trifecta of bad typography. I think my favorite is how the O in LIQUOR is so scared to escape that he had to jump behind his buddy U for safety. Being the brave guy U is, he grabbed O by the stroke and created a ligature as they make their great escape. I love it.


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