cooking with soap

Man, these are awesome. Do yourself a favor and click on the photo to make it bigger. Totally worth it.

Walking around lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center site, I came across this beauty 5 stories up. Antiseptic SOAP. Totally rad. I love the illustration paired with those font choices. Look at that bar of soap! The bubbles! Could it be any cleaner?! Too bad that window is cutting through the cleanliness. Damn!

Another gem from the deep south. Thanks David, for sending in the picture. So, so awesome. This building is located in the vista in downtown Columbia. While renovating, the owner uncovered this painting on the side of the building. What’s not to love?!  It’s interesting how the artist chose to have the bricks be a part of the design instead of just painting on top of them. That’s a rare find.

Look at that man and woman. What a nice pair of floating heads (and hands!) they make!  They look awfully clean, right? Betcha they use Antiseptic SOAP!


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