type on a speed bump

I love this.

If I lived in NYC, I’d hit this place up from the storefront alone. The random red stars (what’s up with that?). The awesome phone number (212-253-TACO! I’d never forget it!) The guitar illustration above Take Out. And, of course, the O‘s. Did the artist just not plan ahead? Is the O doubling as an ornament to the sides of the door? Does the word really need to be on both sides of the door, especially when half the word on the right hand side is missing (I love the effort!)?

No questions with what’s going on with the train. The words have to be there. They’d be too small if it was crammed in between the vertical slats. So there’s no other solution. It just looks painful. I can almost feel the letters bumping as they go over the metal. Ouch.

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