I’m sorry, I CAN’T READ YOU!

I was walking toward this sign in NYC and I swear it took me 5x as long as it should have to make out what those letters say. I finally got City Underground. Perfect example of why an all caps stylized font is such a no no. It makes me mad. I’m so glad those orange and white safety barriers are there to caution people to stop since they’re going to need to take a long pause if they have a chance in reading this sign.

When I was in Nashville for a business trip a couple of months ago, this restaurant was right next to my hotel. Who thinks this is ok? The serifs on those letters are absolutely painful to look at. That poor o looks like he’s about to pop, I think the second o has been popped and is in the process of being deflated. Overall, it’s just very uncomfortable to look at. My hands are sweating typing this post.


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