type on wood

Nothing too fancy about this hand painted Sugar Creek sign…except for the fact that this sign is original to the neighborhood that I grew up in. Sugar Creek revamped the signs about 15-20 years ago with metal letters on brick, they kept this sign in front of the rec center. This sign just says ‘home’ to me. It has so much more character than the boring metal type that now sits at the entrance of the neighborhood.

I snapped this picture at a rest stop somewhere in Pennsylvania as we were driving to SC. Here’s how this sign went down in my head:

JoJo’s Country Gift Shop was a fine establishment 30-40 years ago. The place has since fallen apart but the owner didn’t see the need to replace the sign. So, in an effort to save money, he took the sign and set it on his great grandfather’s wooden tractor thing. The owner’s wife was worried no one could see it at night so she asked him to put a reflector on the tractor. Since this was the only gift shop around, the owner thought it’d be a good idea to add ‘or bust!!’ on the tractor to really nail that home for potential shoppers. As a last ditch effort to gain more traffic in the store, the owner did every graphic designers worst nightmare: all caps yellow serifed type…in a starburst.

Oh how I love hand rendered type.


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