metal type

I had to follow yesterday’s post with this one. This typography style in the picture from New York City is the 3-D version of the one from yesterday in Pennsylvania. I love how they compliment each other.

What’s not to love about metal type?! The way it glistens in the sunshine. The way the rain elegantly drips off of it. It’s just so pretty.

Here are 2 perfect examples. If I needed to buy liquor, I’d go here for sure. Check out that lettering–so awesome! It reminds of a disco in the 70s. I never went to a disco in the 70s but if I had, I’d imagine it to look like this. (I love the white lettering on blue below the metal lettering, 2 for 1!)

From my memory, Ma De Lor is a restaurant in Tequis. (It didn’t come up on my google search which scares me that it’s closed now. If it’s closed, that means this awesome lettering no longer exists.) If my memory is correct, this restaurant is known for selling really good steaks. Doesn’t it look like they’d sell really good steaks by that signage alone?

Both signs are perfect examples of how type treatment can totally set the tone and mood of a store. Awesome liquor and really good steaks!



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