badass dudes

My favorite topic to post about. Graffiti.

How awesome is that skateboard?! I love that it’s hanging above what looks to be a pretty nice pub outside a pretty nice building. The placement is just the coolest. I love the stickers but that red one on the right is my favorite. What a badass. Looks like his green sibling is off to the left there buried under other stickers. I’ve always remembered that red sticker.

When I was in NYC last weekend, I came across this column of graffiti in Soho. Freakin’ awesome, right? What makes it for me are those 3 dudes at the top. When I saw them, I immediately thought of the badass from Chicago on the skateboard. When I put these pictures side by side it looks like the 3 dudes are seeing their long lost friend for the first time and he’s smilin’ right back at ’em. Pretty sure it doesn’t get better than that.

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