Helvetica, Ed Benguiat & TypeCon all rolled into one post. Look out!

I want to start this post by saying that I have a huge respect for Helvetica. Especially with the type of work I do now, it’s a very useful and versatile font.

However, this website really pisses me off. This person has taken amazingly original signs from different parts of the world and standarized them using Helvetica. I was horrified. Can you imagine everything you see being set in Helvetica? How boring! I was reminded of that website while i was putting together this post.

I have paired these two pictures together because of their red lettering. I think they are both equally beautiful and unique. Looking at these two pictures and getting pissed off at the Helvetica site, I can’t help but hear Ed Benguiat in the back of my head. His most memorable quote (next to “What is this?!”) from this year’s TypeCon:

I don’t think of type as something that should be readable. It should be beautiful. Screw readable.

How can anyone argue with that?! I’m pretty sure everyone in the audience fell madly in love with Ed at that moment, on that comment alone. He mentioned that night that he has a sickness that we all share. That sickness is a love for Typography. It was like watching the show Mystery Diagnosis. I knew my symptoms but had never heard anyone come right out and say it like that. It was so validating to hear.


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