crabby pig

I love illustrations like this. They make me happy. I don’t eat fish or meat but I’d enter either of these establishments on their signs alone. There’s nothing really exceptional about the type treatment from the Charleston Crab House. For me, that illustration alone makes this a winner. I love how he’s holding ORIGINAL and the way he’s placed as if he’s hanging on to that window. So so awesome.

I was in Nashville for a business trip last week. I was there for a little over 24 hours so I wasn’t able to take many pictures and the few that I did get were out of a moving car (hey, at least I’m dedicated!). We drove past Corky’s Bar-B-Q and I thought if I’m lucky enough to drive by it again, I’ll snap a picture. This is what I got. That lettering style reminds me of 1982, the way all the letters are connected and bubbly. I don’t know why. It’s just a gut feeling. Look at that pig! Look at that apostrophe! Look at those B’s! Love it!


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