hand painted type on wood

My mom was driving the car when we drove past this customer parking in rear sign. I don’t really realize my obsession with type until I’m around others who aren’t quite as obsessed as me. If I were alone in the car, I would have immediately found a way off the road to snap a shot. However, I wasn’t driving. I caught a glimpse of this sign and start yelling at her to pull over. She got scared at my shouting, nearly gets into an accident veering off the road, I get a lecture and it goes down hill from there. It’s ok. I got the picture. I’m happy because look how awesome it is. That concrete faux wall just says Greenville to me and that beautiful hand painted typography says ka-pow.

I drive past this barn on my way to work every morning here in Ohio. I’m on the highway, Route 8, driving past this beautiful lettering and always think to stop but never do. A few weekends ago I finally stopped and pulled off the highway and put my hazard’s on to take this picture. I had my whole family in the car with me. You can imagine the grief I got from all involved but it’s ok. I got the picture. It’s a bit fuzzy but beautiful nonetheless.

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