conflicting arrows

I came across this directional sign in Tequis and just love it. The original sign is hilarious. Is the bottom arrow really necessary? If you can’t go to the left, I’m thinking the only other way to go is to the right, right?! What takes this sign to the next level are all the stickers on the bottom. I love the pig flying. I want to ride on his back.

I drove past this place that sells fireworks in Hudson a few weeks ago and was really confused. There’s the huge Enter Here within the arrow sign. No mistaking what needs to happen. Then hanging from the fence 2 signs down there is a sign with an arrow pointing in the opposite direction telling you to Enter Thru Office. Hmmm, so you take 2 steps and then turn around? That’s always fun. This place claims to have the most fireworks on earth which, let’s be honest, don’t they all claim this? Their website proudly proclaims that “their fireworks are ahead of their time”. I’m thinking that’s a no.

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