This pairing makes me happy. Each picture alone is pretty stunning but I thought they made such a striking comparison. The picture from Tequis is from the back of a truck. I love that shade of green. Pair that with the worn lettering and the rust and I’m pretty much in heaven. I’m not sure why I zoomed in on that part of the truck instead of taking a picture of the whole thing…but I think it has something to do with that crazy comma. Strap a pair of boots on that guy and he’s ready to hit the town.

The picture from Lexington is at a farm where we used to pick out pumpkin’s (and Christmas trees) every year. On the other side of that fence is a playground for the kids. Once again, sorry for the random kids in the picture but I guess I’ll own up to the fact that those random kids are mine. This picture makes me so happy because it’s aaaalmost as if my daughter gets my obsession with type. She’s looking at exactly what I’m looking at. That super rad hand painted red apostrophe outlined in black. I have hope for her. Good thing she’s named after a font and not my son. No clue what’s going on with him in this picture, but he’s not feeling the type. I still have a lot of work to do with him.


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