vertical marquees

I took this picture in Baton Rouge in the fall of 2009. The Varsity is a club where a lot of college kids hang out at nights and Chimes is a restaurant that is beyond awesome. This building is located right outside the north gates of LSU. I have always been drawn to the Chimes logo. Again, not being a fan of all caps set in a serifed font, but this is done so well. All of the embellishments on the letterforms make it so unique. As an added bonus, The has been set off on its own, almost like it’s a trophy for CHIMES. Hooray for the! I wish The and CHIMES interacted with each other instead of being two completely different pieces of typography. It’s like they got into a fight and have been sequestered from each other. But anyway, moving on. I love vertical marquees, I think they are so beautiful (sorry for the truck in the picture). The contrast between the two signs is so striking. The change in font, the change in orientation, at night each individual letter of VARSITY lights up, the Chimes sign is spot lit.

When I was in Cleveland a few weeks ago, I spotted this MAYFIELD marquee and immediately thought of the Varsity. This theater has been around since 1923 as you can tell by the condition of the sign…I love how worn and rusted it is. Something tells me the marquee no longer lights up but they are making a go of it with the Christmas lights under the awning. I find it interesting that the owner would change the font from the original sign to a completely different font for the awning. I wish they hadn’t done that.


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