✰ star ✰

I love this pairing.

I drove past this building in Akron last weekend and had to back up so I could snap this picture. I immediately thought of the picture I received from Brooklyn (thanks Erin!) a few weeks ago. Star Printing is on a side street several blocks from downtown Akron. The look and feel of this picture pretty much captures the essence of this part of Akron. The buildings are all very industrial and have very simple lettering. I love the architecture of the building: the recessed front door, the 2 horizontal stripes painted on the bricks, the awesome circular window…such character. I think any more elaborate lettering would take away from the super cool building.

The Star Deli & Bakery is beautiful. This one picture sums up exactly how I remember Brooklyn. The combination of the bright colors, corrugated metal and the stainless steel lettering all thrown together…somehow it all just works. I love how everything is thrown up in that space with no sense of alignment. The address number is off to the left, the phone number is not aligned with anything, Deli & Bakery is centered and the leading is so painfully tight (that poor ampersand is getting squeezed to death!) it’s almost hard to look at. If this is what their storefront looks like, can you imagine how awesome their food must be?!

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