Peninsula is a tiny town near my office. There is one stop light, one set of railroad tracks, a couple of restaurants and several antique stores. This gem of a sign was behind a restaurant we ate at. I was immediately drawn to the distressed lettering caused by nature (sorry, again, for the random kid in the picture). Even with the paint peeling off, the letters are very easy to read.

The picture taken in Tequis is an advertisement hand painted on the side of a concrete building. I love the comparison of EPI to PRI. As an added bonus, check out the tilde over the N. I love how they shortened the stem to make room for the tilde. Such great attention to detail.

What is PRI?

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (Spanish: Partido Revolucionario Institucional, PRI) is a Mexican political party that held power in the country—under a succession of names—for more than 70 years. The PRI is a member of the Socialist International, as is the rival Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), making Mexico one of the few nations with two major, competing parties part of the same international grouping.

(Thanks Wikipedia!)


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