1946 Mack Truck :: 1923 Chambers Stove

We took the kids to pick out a Christmas tree last December in Lexington, SC and this awesomely old fire truck was sitting on the property for the kids to look at. While trying to hold the kids back from climbing on it, I was able to snap this picture. Upon doing some research, I found out that this is a 1946 Mack Fire Truck which was manufactured in Greensboro, NC. I love the placements of the dogs (especially the one on the front) and the bold lines but what I really love is the lettering. The way the stem of the M bows, the curl of the c, the kick of the k. It’s all so perfect.

When we moved into the house we are renting in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, it came with an original antique in the basement. A 1923 Chambers stove, original to the house. Score! The stove is in the basement. I have no clue how it got down there since it literally weighs a ton. I found out that these stoves were manufactured in Shelbyville, Ind. and there is a whole online community of people who collect these stoves and refurbish them to working condition. I was immediately drawn to the logo. The letters are perfectly spaced and the extra stroke after the s is so perfect. I think the Chambers logo is such a great comparison to the Mack Truck. Both logos are so simple yet so unique.


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