Because I’m still in shock that I live in Ohio (wonder when that will wear off), I love when I see words reminding me where I am. The picture on the left is a ship. A really big ship that is a few blocks from the FREE stamp from yesterday’s post. I love the extra large letterforms, the bold red line and, of course, the c in the diamond. It all just fits for a ship sitting on Lake Erie.

We took the kids to a baseball game in Columbia a few summers ago. The Columbia Blowfish (yes, named after Hootie & the Blowfish) are an amateur baseball team in the Costal Plain League. The star of the game, for my kids anyway, was Blowie. He’s cute, right? I’m trying really hard right now to not go off on a tagent about the nicknames in Columbia: Blowie the Blowfish, Cocks for the Gamecocks. My favorite bumper sticker reads Can’t lick our COCKS! But, I digress. Let’s stay focused on Blowie’s c. I really like this comparison because both C’s are a perfect fit for how they are being used. Both are very easy to read and a great use of simple, clean typography.

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