To conclude my number themed week, I’m ending with my favorite use of a number. I was in San Diego June 2004 for the How Design Conference and walked past this beauty. As I mentioned before, I always make it a point to get out and walk the streets to get a sense of the culture. I have realized with the traveling I have done how each city has its own vibe, its own culture unto itself. I’m trying to capture a piece of ‘vibe’ with each of my posts. Chive is a great example. This is a restaurant that was (they have since closed. boo.) a few blocks from where the conference was being held. I just love everything about this sign. The letters carved into a concrete slab, the great use of lime green and of course, the substitution of letters for numbers. Very eye catching and surprisingly, very easy to read. The juxtaposition of the concrete sign next to the brick was such a good choice. The sign worked perfectly with the vibe of the area we were in. It was one street over from a farmer’s market and the design of this sign fit perfectly into the young and hip area.

To quote Rick Poynor:

Maybe the feeling you have when you see particular typographic choices used on a piece of packaging is just “I like the look of that, that feels good, that’s my kind of product.” But that’s the type casting its secret spell.

I hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend.

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