I’m going to keep the number posts coming this week. I like themes. I like numbers. There you have it.

The picture on the left was taken right across from where I work in downtown Hudson, Ohio. I came across the fire department and just loved the black lettering on the brick. I’m usually not a fan of curved type but in this case, it works perfectly above the arch below it. Of course, the apostrophe steals the show but let’s stay focused on the numbers. Same font, same size but the numbers are not on an arch. Interesting change and yet very effective. Upon doing some research, I found out that Hudson was founded in 1799 which is interesting when compared to the dates on the Paul Revere sign. This photo was taken in Boston outside of where Paul Revere used to live. This sign is mounted to the side of his house and if you’re not looking for it, it’s pretty easy to miss. Luckily, I saw it and fell in love with, of course, the numbers. I love the weight contrast. I actually see the dates first which is interesting since they are so much smaller and lighter in weight compared to his name. I love all the negative space the sign holds. For me, the date in the fire department signs stands out the same way as the dates on the Paul Revere sign. In both signs, a slight change proves to be highly effective.


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