f to the E

I have never been a huge fan of the vertical banners that get plastered on lamp posts in downtown cities. I feel like they are distracting and hard to read. You can imagine my shock when I came across this banner lining the streets in downtown Cleveland. Yes the kerning is god awful and that illustration is pathetic but I’m willing to look past all that for the simple connection of the f to the E. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been a fan of script fonts but this has got to be hands down, the best use of script I’ve come across. The connection of these 2 letterforms is stunning. I wonder if this could pass as a ligature? It’s such a simple solution and it is so elegant. I went to their website http://www.clevelandfoundation.org/ and was happy to see that they are using the change in font as a branding tool. Not sure how I feel about the change in color…seems more distracting but I get why they did it. I wish they’d get rid of the tree/column. What’s with the illustrations here?!

Happy weekend!


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