I was sent this picture from Coney Island late last week (thanks Erin!) and have been thinking about it ever since. For me, it is complete sensory overload, typographic overload and color overload. I have spent so much time looking at this one picture: the way the ice cold fits perfectly over drinks; the beautiful delicious script and how the s looks like it’s making a run for the FUNNEL. I think my favorite is the i in Chicken. Poor little guy, he’s squeezed in there so tight but he makes the best of it and owns it. I say he for no other reason than being completely intuitive on my part. That i is just a little dude. My vote for most feminine? The K in CAKE of course! If letterforms could wear jewelry, she’d be dripping in them!

So, I have been mulling over what picture to show side by side. Every picture I had that was close seemed to take away from the beauty that this picture holds. So, I’m going for opposites today. Complete opposites. What’s more opposite than the very easy to read, very streamlined highway sign?! One color. One font. It is what it is. I’m still in a bit of shock that I live in Ohio and that I see this sign pointing me towards Cleveland every morning. I’m a southern girl after all.


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