There is a train that is parked in the middle of the vista in downtown Columbia. I have always loved it. The industrial feel, the worn letters, the colors, the message. I love that it’s just parked in the middle of downtown. In Ohio, there are trains everywhere. We live about 4 blocks from tracks. There are tracks right behind my office in Hudson. I have been wanting to photograph them since I’ve lived here and never had an opportunity…until yesterday. I was driving along the road and the flashing red lights stopped both lanes of traffic. Most people roll their eyes and hate getting caught waiting for the train to pass. Not me. I was in heaven. The graffiti, the beautiful letters marking each car…it was awesome. This is a perfect example of what I’m trying to convey with this blog. Different regions of the country have such different flavors. I love it. I have never seen typography on trains like this.

The picture above on the right was the 2nd car and it really caught my eye. I just love the letterforms (look at the W! and the l! and the g!). The door is open making it hard to read but it says “Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway”. Check out the image on their site if you dig trains as much as I do:

I’m so inspired by the typography on the trains (and by the sheer volume of pictures I took), I’m might have to make it train week. If anyone has pictures of trains, please send them to me!

All aboard! (<—cheesy. couldn’t resist.)


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