1ne :: TypeCon 2011

I’m an in-house designer for a healthcare consulting firm. One of the (many) perks to this position is that I’m surrounded by people who believe in continuing education. Case in point: they sent me to TypeCon in New Orleans last month. I will forever be grateful for this experience. TypeCon is a conference held once a year presented by SOTA (Society of Typographic Aficionados). I arrived at the conference not knowing a single person in attendance. The first day, the attendees either participated in workshops or an education forum. I had signed up for the later months ahead of time. I have taught graphic design and typography for the last 5 years at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and have loved every second of it. The theme of the Education Forum was digital immigrant vs. digital native. The topics presented were broad and very informative. I made friends with a few of the attendees from the Education Forum and we stuck together the rest of the weekend. The presentations blew me away and I honestly felt like I was drunk on type the whole weekend and never wanted to sober up. Being surrounded by such passion has really inspired me. By the last night of TypeCon, my culturally diverse group  made a second appearance on the famous Frenchmen Street to listen to live music. We had found a poet the night before on the side of the street with a typewriter. We stopped dead in our tracks. We put some cash on his table and asked for a poem. He asked a little about us and 10 minutes later here’s what we got. It’s fantastic. This is what we told him:

  • We are here for a typography conference
  • Our group of friends is from all over the world
  • We like listening to live music
  • I love punctuation (of course I had to throw that in there)

A poet writing poetry about our love for typography on the side of the street in downtown New Orleans at 2am?! Yes, please.


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