Geaux typography!

I have found in my awesome profession that it is not at all uncommon to meet a designer that has a musical background. Almost every conference or event I’ve been to, the musical act is made up of at least one of the designers in attendance. It’s pretty amazing how music and graphic design go hand in hand. I however, am not one of those people. Just ask anyone who has seen me dance. And by ‘anyone’, I mean ‘no one’ because ‘no one’ exists. I don’t have a musical bone in my body. I find listening to music a necessity though when working…and that’s the extent of that. However, what I do have is an athletic background. I played tennis for 4 years for LSU (geaux tigers!) and what comes with that is having a love for football, especially college football. The picture on the top left is one of my favorite shots of the LSU football stadium. The logo was redesigned several years ago. I think they did a good job with the font choice. It’s clean, easy to read and of course the colors are right on.

Last weekend I was in Cleveland and was shocked at how similar the letterforms are to LSU. I found it interesting that on this particular day, the Cleveland Browns trademark colors were nowhere to be found. No banners on the outside of the building.* Nothing. Such a stark contrast from college football arenas. The Cleveland Browns Stadium has an elegance and demeanor about it. It’s amazing how perfectly kerned stainless steel letters can do that.

*Both pictures were taken within weeks of each other, during the off-season.


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